May 11, 2018 velerawilson

Do you have the ability to respond with a “Loving No?” Comment below if you struggle with this. The Loving No is that safe space I like to create around me so that I don’t overextend myself emotionally, physically, or financially. We all have, or have had, people ask things of us that we really can’t or shouldn’t do but because we desire to keep the relationship in tact, we do it anyway. The Loving No allows you to say no not because you don’t want to help others – in fact you’re saying no because you want them to grow and that will  never happen if you bail them out all the time. The Loving No allows you to focus on the important tasks you’ve set for yourself to accomplish, so when someone really needs you, you will have enough energy, resources in reserve to be able to effectively help them. Doing it any other way will burn you out over time