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June 23, 2018 velerawilson



Over ten years ago, I sat in my office and I realized that I was absolutely tired of the work I was doing. I decided that I needed to make a change. I was living in Detroit when I got the opportunity to relocate for a job. I was surrounded by a lot of family and, unfortunately, the new position would require me to move away to a city in which I knew no one. It was unsettling and terrifying, but I knew I had been given this opportunity to grow; I’d seen and done all I could where I was. So, I packed up and moved. Little did I know, my decision would propel me into a cross-country trail of opportunities and produce so many wonderful experiences. Life is not static. Often times, the familiar keeps you so comfortable that it does not force you to grow and develop new skills, or to see life from a different perspective. Your assignment and purpose may require you to move to another state, take another job, get a degree, and be uncomfortable, but the short-term discomfort will produce gains in your life not just for you, but for others that are attached to you. Don’t settle for the familiar – your blessings may require you to reach beyond what’s currently around you.