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April 27, 2018 velerawilson


Procrastination is often a fear of failing or committing to something we are worried  we can’t sustain. This fear will keep peace from you, almost like unfinished business, or it will put you to sleep and things will happen around you, but not for you. Either way, you’re stuck and the things you truly desire will not materialize. You have to wake up and get moving if you are to experience the good things in this life. It will not be easy, so it may be tempting to stop, take a break, or give up altogether, but realize that the greatest things in this life that you can experience come from doing that which you are passionate about and purposed to do. I remember listening to a female executive speak at one of the companies I worked for. She mentioned that before working for the company, she had the desire to go back to school and complete her degree, but she felt she was too old and too busy to finish her education.  She told her friend the reasons for procrastinating and her friend said, “well you’re going go to get old anyway, you might as well be old and accomplished.” It’s the same thing for us. Sure, it may be hard to do, but remember that you’re going to have difficulties in life anyway- it might as well be for doing things that you truly desire to do. If you fail, you’ve actually tried, but if you don’t try, you’ve already failed and you’ll never know what could have been. That’s a frightening thought – what if you could have actually been successful in that area? God doesn’t give us reckless dreams. He gives us dreams for a reason, and it’s to motivate us towards our purpose. He will provide exactly what you need to get started.