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5 Things Love is Not: How to Weed Out the Wrong Guy Faster

In this straight, to the point guide, I give you five ways to know you’re dealing with the wrong guy so you can make room for the real love God has for you. Plus, you’ll also get the first video session of my Level Up Your Dating course!

Level Up Your Dating Course

In this engaging online video course I walk you through eight steps to change how you date in 60 days. It’s the must-have insights if you’re ready to undercover what may be impacting your dating life, confidently define your worth, and evaluate a guy’s intentions from the first date on.

Free Guide!

10 Questions Every Woman Dating Should Ask Herself

What if all you needed was a little shift in perspective to improving your dating life? Before I met my husband, I had to do a gut check and it was welllll worth it. Now I’m sharing some of those questions with you to help you position yourself for love.

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