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Meet the founder, Velera

“I decided the 2.0 version of me – the one God designed – was worth finding and fighting for.”

I am a corporate leader, entrepreneur, wife and woman of faith. From paying off nearly six figures of debt, investing in real estate, being married to my loving husband, and generating millions for global brands like AT&T and First Data, I’ve focused on having a thriving life filled with God’s best – and nothing less.

However, this wasn’t always my story – I was born to a single teenage mother, experienced devastating childhood trauma, and questioned my identity and value for many years. That is why I’m passionate about helping other woman elevate their sense of worth to command everything in life that is due to them.

I created Positive Identity to help manifest the potential and greatness in every woman – because I wholeheartedly believe it’s in EVERY woman.


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I just can't tell you how much your messages touch me - trust me when I say I'm so humbled that God would choose to use me for such a time as this. Sometimes, I feel overwhelmed with the message that was put inside me to share with others - but then I realize I was made for a purpose and that I was put on earth to do something no matter what I think about my qualifications to do so.

Les Brown says "Live full - die empty" and that about sums up how I approach life now. I don't want to leave here full of regrets, "what ifs?", "I should've," I want to leave knowing that I poured out every gift I became aware of.

What is your gift to share with the world? It might not be a book or being on a stage - but are you pursuing whatever that thing is? There are people waiting for your expertise, your voice, your talents, your gifts - are you afraid to use them in your job, your community, your home, your family/friends, the world?

YOU are the THE solution to someone's problem - no matter how much you may try to dim your light or pretend like you aren't capable or talented. In whatever role or space you occupy, bring ALL of you and see the impact.

If you're committing to showing up and pouring out your BEST in 2021 - join me and the amazing women committed to doing the same at Dream Bigger: Reach for More, the live virtual event that will inspire and challenge you to rethink what you've accepted, and help you commit to pursuing your dreams relentlessly. Learn more

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Tuh....I'm just saying sis. CHECK what you EXPECT to happen in your life. We're winning in 2021 - and Dream Bigger is the event where we're recommitting to making that happen. ...

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