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Sit at the Table with Confidence

4 Tips To Nail Your Next Interview and Land the Job

After conducting lots of interviews and nailing many of my own, I’m giving you the insights! This 15 page guide gives you step-by-step instructions to stand out – from mindset to dress code to an “all-star way to close the deal.”

6 Steps to Negotiate the Salary You Deserve -Without Letting Fear Override

You’ve gotten the job offer – now what?? Don’t get up from the negotiation table short-changed! In this 20 page guide I give you tips and steps I’ve used to negotiate five-figure salary increases in offer and benefits!

Free Guide!

12 Ways to Get Promoted or Paid More at Work

Grab my free guide to get the key areas to focus on for career growth – it’s the same areas I’ve had to focus on to going the coins and the positions I wanted!

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