May 26, 2019 velerawilson

Tribute to #reallove I used to say I didn’t want to fall in love – I wanted to walk in love. I thought falling in love meant losing all sense of reason – and I’d seen enough people do that to their own detriment. Perhaps I wanted a clinical approach to love…aka less vulnerable and more in control. Boy has marriage shown me that walking in love is FOR REAL…there were days when I’m sure we could have choked each other out (figuratively of course) and we could’ve thrown in the towel – and then…you grow up and realize that this thing called love is a maturation process, not for the emotionally weak, immature, or selfish. And you remember why you got married, all the wonderful things your spouse does and you give in and just let love rule.

From the wonderful experiences around the world together,  to the moments I don’t have my make-up on fleek, we’re just being – nothing pretentious, just enjoying each other. So nope I didn’t fall in love, I didn’t bump my head and lose all sense of reason – I walked right into love, a big pool of it, and it’s so real and so grown and so warm I could pinch myself. #surrendertolove