April 3, 2018 velerawilson

Desire for acceptance led me to do some really compromising things in my life. I thought that if I didn’t do something, they wouldn’t like me, love me, associate with me, call me, date me – the list goes on and on. One thing you should establish in your life is – whose acceptance do you want? Do you want to be accepted by people that only want to be around you when you agree to what they want, or do you want to be accepted by people that allow you to be you and respect you, your boundaries, your goals and your dreams? Realize that some people are only okay with you as long as you say “Yes.” Make sure those aren’t the people in your life. A person that respects you for you will be okay when you say no.  Some of the biggest regrets can come from doing things just to be accepted, and sometimes the effects of those decisions cannot be reversed. When you’re happy with yourself, you won’t rely so much on others’ acceptance of you. The contentment you’ll have inside will give you the peace you need.