June 18, 2019 velerawilson

It’s soooo easy to post fake or pretentious stuff on social media  –I mean who would know you were lying but you? For real though! I think about that each time I post – I want to post what I believe is true and most importantly, that I’m striving to live that post once it’s up. Nope, I AIN’T, (yes AIN’T) perfect (I know it’s broken English but give me a pass on this one) but I am trying. I ask myself – is this really true for me, am I living what I post, have I overcome in that area? I don’t ever want to share something as if I’ve overcome it all – I’d rather be honest and let you know that it is or has been a struggle. I put myself under the microscope – I don’t want to be fake, no one is helped by that and all I want to do is share the good news that God loves you and me, He heals and He brings victory in every area of our lives so we can life this life to the fullest. Much love!