July 5, 2019 velerawilson

Don’t apologize for our happiness and success. Sometimes we cower down to minimize things we’re truly proud of accomplishing to make others feel better – I used to think that somehow that made me more godly. It doesn’t. No you should think you’re better than anymore or compare yourself to others, but to be genuinely happy for something that’s happened or a new season of your life is ok. See I remember when things were like they are today – not that things are perfect- but I recall when I didn’t have much, was withdrawn, didn’t want to live, going through an emotional hell. So if I could endure those hard seasons, and if you could endure your tough season(s), how dare we not celebrate and enjoy the season when things are going well? Should we only have miserable times? Everyone has their season – both good and bad- acknowledging God in them both is the wise thing to do.