July 20, 2019 velerawilson

As I’ve thought about this over time, I don’t know that I/we are really afraid of failing as much as we are of bursting outside our shell and rattling the timid person we have been or pretended to be to fit in.  There is so much inside of us – and sometimes we feel the internal energy and motivation rising but we don’t know where to put it all. It’s like we’re overheating inside – and that’s scary because our external environmental doesn’t match the greatness inside that we might feel. Don’t be discouraged – often times our environments are not able to contain the change we are undergoing. Why? Because we are the change agent – we are the one supposed to change our environment. So no they don’t understand why you’re acting different, they don’t understand why you want something else or something more – you’re evolving. Let that process continue and be ok with it being awkward for a little while – you’ll soon see your external environment match what you feel inside. That internal drive will motivate you to change some things – friends, dating relationships, how you spend your time, your money. Before you know the uncomfortable, awkward internal force will feel like home to you – you will be changed and so will everything around you. Keep going sis.