March 15, 2019 velerawilson

I used to be the one where if a situation was not ideal I was moving on with a quickness – my philosophy was “I don’t have to take this!”  But now – while I will move on in situations that I clearly know are not good for me – the reflex is a lot slower because I realize that some situations are truly meant to develop character and resilience. Strength is built in situations when we’re stretched, tested and yet manage to get through them. How can you get through life if you aren’t willing to deal with tough situations as they come? The flight mentality is fine when there’s clear and present danger to your emotional, physical and mental health but otherwise the “distaste” for adversity alone isn’t the best reason for washing our hands of situations. Great people are built during times of adversity – so before you walk away, consider whether the situation is one designed to build you in an area you need strength most. (Again, please know that I am not in any way endorsing staying in a situation where you are being harmed physically, emotionally, or mentally  – the wise decision is to move on).