Don’t Be Afraid To Move

Do you ever feel like God is asking you to move into another direction? So what’s the big deal in not doing it? Well, if you’ve read about Abraham and Sarah – they were barren while they were in the familiar place. When they MOVED they produced fruit. Move when you hear God speaking – He’s got your fruit in mind when he speaks to you.

This Is Not the End

Sis, today it may feel like you’re losing the battle. You’re exhausted, worn out, deflated. But today I want you to know that today is not the end – it may look like it but just get back up. Today is only one round of the fight – take a moment to catch your breath, shake off the disappointment, the confusion, the anger, the hurt, just long enough to get through the fight. The battle truly is not yours to fight alone – God is right there with you and He will energize you for the win!

You Can’t Do It Alone

Any area we desire to be great in means we might need to invest in someone to push us to achieve the goal – marriage coach, fitness coach, finance coach, spiritual coach. These coaches come in different forms – either it’s their professional expertise or their life demonstrates success in that area. Surround yourself with those people – don’t believe the lie that you can figure out everything on your own.

Strength in Adversity

I used to be the one where if a situation was not ideal I was moving on with a quickness – my philosophy was “I don’t have to take this!”  But now – while I will move on in situations that I clearly know are not good for me – the reflex is a lot slower because I realize that some situations are truly meant to develop character and resilience. Strength is built in situations when we’re stretched, tested and yet manage to get through them. How can you get through life if you aren’t willing to deal with tough situations as they come? The flight mentality is fine when there’s clear and present danger to your emotional, physical and mental health but otherwise the “distaste” for adversity alone isn’t the best reason for washing our hands of situations. Great people are built during times of adversity – so before you walk away, consider whether the situation is one designed to build you in an area you need strength most. (Again, please know that I am not in any way endorsing staying in a situation where you are being harmed physically, emotionally, or mentally  – the wise decision is to move on).

Recharge Your Work-Mode

Like seasons, we change  – there are seasons of rest where you’re just enjoying the fruits from your hard work. There are times when I’m going 100 mph and then I shift into 30 mph –because I need time to recharge and refuel. You have to recognize your season – staying in one season too long will cause you to become stuck and too comfortable so you won’t grow but going too fast for extended periods can burn you out. I compare it to a game – you play for awhile and then you sit on the bench to recharge, hydrate and get back in there to finish strong. Take your breaks when you need them so you can go the distance.

Live In Your Truth

Each time I’ve revealed a layer of me it’s gotten easier,  like a weight has lifted each time and I’m just a little lighter to open my heart up to share my true feelings – good or bad- to discuss an uncomfortable topic, to resolve conflict. Each time, I feel like I’m getting closer to being more of myself– those around me know me, and they’re still there loving me. And for those that don’t, I accept that they couldn’t handle my truth. Realize that some people will not be able to handle your truth – but the only way to know that is for you to give it to them. Create an environment for yourself that alienates those that can’t accept you for who you are- flawed, yet beautiful, but most importantly, honest with yourself and those around you. It’s a gift that not everyone should be privileged to have

No More Shame

Shame is such a strong word – it implies a dirty, filthy, nasty, unworthy, and rejected perception– but unfortunately, it’s a word so many of us identify with. Years of shame for things you couldn’t control, and even for things you could control, have burdened you until you can’t even enjoy the good things that do occur in your life. Shame keeps us in hiding – we can’t fully open up and be free because we’re weighed down with our perceived inadequacies and unworthiness. I struggled with shame for a long time. I didn’t want anyone to know what I had experienced earlier in my life and even more, I didn’t want to remember what happened because it was shameful to me – it caused too much pain to remember. Then I realized, my  past only had power over me if I stayed silent and not deal with it. The darkness and shame of your past starts to minimize when you shed God’s light, truth, and healing on it. There is power in opening up about your pain and seeking help to deal with it, both in His word and if necessary, with people trained to deal with your type of situation. By doing so, you allow yourself the opportunity to deal with it in healthy ways. In trying to smother your shame, you deny yourself the ability to treat your wounds, and any wound not treated will never heal properly.  Your past is not too shameful for God. He specializes in healing wounds, and the truth is that everyone has a past, but not everyone’s willing to admit it. Some people you see today that look good on the outside, are broken, hurting people on the inside. Your best life is an honest life. Make no apologies for where you’ve come from; notice the key is that it’s where you’ve COME FROM, not where you are today, or where you’ll be in the future. Anything you have done or been through is just another opportunity to experience God’s wonderful, powerful healing.